Our Pricing Process

We specialize in high-quality, clean, modern designs.

Our Pricing Process

We cost more, because we are worth more.

Let us explain why:

We build for the discerning homeowner who appreciates the long-term investment in quality and beauty by using woods like Mahogany and Teak, as well as other high quality exterior wood substrates for our woodwork.

We do not offer “cookie cutter” or mass-produced gates and doors. Each piece is made one at a time and is built to suit using boat-building standards and two-part epoxy glue for any structural connections.

If you want woodwork that reflects the style, elegance, quality and durability you desire, give us a call or email to discuss how each individual gate and job differs in price.

All custom orders require a 50% deposit for the product that we would install.

If we are not installing the gate/s we require full payment in advance for all custom products we build.

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