Our Woods

Although a soft and lightweight gate can be acceptable for some, California homeowners of elegance and style require higher quality, more elegant and durable woods that not only accent their home, but also their lifestyle. These homeowners need gates more resistant to dents, as well as the abuse from the accidents of children, movers, and gardeners.

Unlike the soft Cedar or Redwood Gate, We use Philippine Mahogany or better to build our high quality gates. You will rarely ever find the doors of a house made of Cedar or Redwood. There is a reason for that: Cedar and Redwood are soft.

Next time you are at the lumber store, do a test: sink your fingernail into a piece of cedar. It will slide in easily, now, try the same with mahogany. Not so easy.

You can think of Cedar for example like styrofoam, it can float in the ocean and be in the environment for decades, but it does not hold joint connections and screws nearly was well as a more dense wood.

We use a process that eliminates the need for visible bolts, brackets, and mending hardware—which are often used to help hold together soft wood products like Cedar or Redwood.

We take pride in delivering quality by using very weather-resistant woods, including our most cost effective: Philippine Mahogany. Philippine Mahogany is known for its stability, its lack of sapwood, its weather resistance, and its hardness. Not to be confused with Honduran Mahogany, Philippine Mahogany is a trade name for several wood species containing similar weathering and grain characteristics.

When selecting any boards to be used for a gate, we look at each board for certain wood grain patterns. A particular board that appears to be nice and straight one day may warp or twist in the future after your gate has been built and installed. We know our woods. Your gates will last for decades as you maintain them in the same timely manner you maintain the other wood portions of your home’s woodwork.

Avoid the gamble. You and your home deserve our doors and gates.