Unique Wooden Gates

Unique Wood Gates

This gate is made up of the following woods; Cypress, Afromosia, Honduran Mahogany, Philippine Mahogany, and Mangaris. It represents fluidity with it”s curves, symbolic bubble holes, and Mangaris wood shaped as a water drop and inlayed into the Cypress wood. We offer gates made of all types of woods from domestic to exotic woods in order to suit your design ideas. Feel free to create your own unique design as well as have us work with you on your design. Be sure to visit the “Gate Gallery” to see many more options.

Exotic Woods

This half Scale (5 feet long) model of a 1960″s “longBoard” surfboard was built and then sold through the Gary”s Island store in the Fashion Island Mall of Newport Beach, CA. This board contains no paint or stains, but instead it”s colors are derived from the natural colors of the exotic woods themselves. Some of the woods in this art piece are Yellow Heart from Brazil, and Purple heart from Africa.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Brazilian Ipe wood deck designed/built By Mike Bless to flow over and around the above-ground pine tree roots in order to save the tree. The structure atop the deck was designed to simulate a large planter box for the tree as well as create privacy and seating.

Modified Patio Cover

Modified Patio Cover


General Construction

The home pictured here was designed by home designer Walt Bushman, along with Mike Bless. This contemporary home in Newport Beach, California features an office in the shape of a lifeguard tower (Tower 62 of Newport Beach, CA.). The unique and custom doors were designed and built by Lido Gates/Bless Construction. The previous 1100 square foot house on the property was torn down in March of 2010. The new 2600 square foot house was built, completely finished, and moved into in a short 7-1/2 months later in October 2010, due to the hard work of tradesmen and the meticulous coordinating/scheduling of Bless Construction. Bless Construction Inc. can handle many projects such as (but not limited to) Structural concrete walls, decks, basements, tilt-ups, multi level parking structures, general residential construction, concrete patios, concrete and or wood patio covers/gazeboes, interior and exterior doors, wood gates, garden gates, kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, Exotic wood tables, exotic wood inlays, custom wood file cabinets, custom patio covers made of wood or concrete, Fire tables/fire pits, Large solid wood exterior grade Teakwood tables with the option to include a fire pit in the table, Hardwood ceilings, baseboards and crown moldings, concrete counter tops, Redwood and Tropical Hardwood decks, and more. For more information on the “Lifeguard House” view this link  Unique Newport Beach Home